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With his stage name Lay, Zhang Yixing is a Chinese singer, composer, dancer, and actor. He is most known for being a part of the well-liked Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO. He began his solo career in 2016 and has since put out a number of well-received albums. He has performed in a number of films and television programs in addition to being a vocalist. One of the most well-known and prosperous Chinese superstars of all time, Zhang Yixing has a sizable global fan base.

Info Details
Net Worth $10 million
Name Zhang Yixing
Date of birth October 7, 1991
Age 31 years
Height 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Gender Male
Profession Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor
Nationality Chinese

Zhang Yixing Net Worth

Zhang Yixing is estimated to have a net worth of around $10 million. Much of his fortune has come from his prosperous music career, solo performances, commercial sponsorships, and acting appearances. Also, he founded Zhang Yixing Studio, a music production company.

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Zhang Yixing’s Biography

Zhang Yixing was born in Changsha, Hunan, China, to parents Yang Qiumei and Zhang Jianguo. His younger sister and older brother both live with him. The majority of Zhang Yixing’s youth was spent in Changsha, where he also began his musical career at a young age. He was a member of the dancing ensemble “B-Boy” and studied the piano and guitar. In 2008, he was identified by a talent scout and accepted as a trainee at SM Entertainment. He made his EXO debut in 2012 with the group.

Zhang Yixing’s Education

Zhang Yixing studied Applied Music as a major at Hunan Normal University. He earned his degree in 2012, the same year he made his EXO debut.

Zhang Yixing’s Career

As a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, Zhang Yixing began his professional career. He joined the group in 2012, and thanks to his slick voice and amazing dancing abilities, he immediately won over fans. Up until 2016, when he left the group to concentrate on his solo career, he worked with EXO.

Zhang Yixing got a contract with SM Entertainment after leaving EXO, and in 2016 he made his solo debut in China with his first extended play, “Lose Control.” In China, South Korea, and Taiwan, the album topped the charts and was a tremendous hit. He has since put out a number of other popular albums, including “LAY 02 SHEEP” and “NAMANANA.”

Zhang Yixing has dabbled in acting as well as a music career. In 2016, he made his acting debut in the Chinese drama “The Mystic Nine.” Since then, he has also made appearances in “Operation Love” and “The Golden Eyes,” two more well-known Chinese dramas.

Zhang Yixing has a variety of charity interests in addition to music and acting. He has collaborated with a number of nonprofit organisations, including the China Youth Development Foundation and the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund.

Awards & Achievements

Throughout his career, Zhang Yixing has received various honors and accolades thanks to his talent and diligence. Among the most prestigious honors he has received are:

  • Best Newcomer Award at the 2015 QQ Music Awards
  • Most Popular Newcomer Award at the 2015 Top Chinese Music Awards
  • Most Popular Male Singer Award at the 2017 Tencent Star Awards
  • Best Male Singer Award at the 2018 Asia Song Festival

In addition to these honors, Zhang has been nominated for other accolades for his acting and musical skills, further solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted performer.

Personal Life

Although Zhang Yixing has a reputation for maintaining his privacy, it is known that he is not wed and does not have any children. Although some of his former relationships have been rumored, none of them have been proven. In addition, Zhang has contributed funds to the COVID-19 epidemic and supported poor kids through his involvement with UNICEF, among other humanitarian causes.

Life Style

Zhang Yixing leads a hectic and stressful life as an accomplished singer and actor. He is well recognized for his devotion to his trade, frequently putting in late nights to polish his musical and acting performances. Zhang enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing basketball, and playing video games in his spare time.

Real Estate & Cars

With numerous homes and vehicles to his name, Zhang Yixing has a reputation for leading an opulent lifestyle. According to reports, he is the owner of numerous properties in Beijing and Shanghai as well as a lavish home in Seoul, South Korea. With a collection of expensive cars that includes a Porsche, a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini, Zhang is also a car aficionado.


In conclusion, Zhang Yixing has a successful career in the entertainment industry as a multi-talented singer and actor. Zhang has worked hard to accomplish his goals and become one of the most well-known superstars in the world from his humble origins in China to his journey to international stardom. Zhang is one of the wealthiest singers in China with a net worth of $10 million as a result of his talent, commitment, and hard work.


Q: What is Zhang Yixing’s most famous song?

Answer: Although Zhang Yixing has numerous well-known songs, “Lose Control,” which was released in 2016, is undoubtedly his most well-known song.

Q: How old is Zhang Yixing?

Answer: Zhang Yixing was born on October 7, 1991, which makes him 31 years old as of 2023.

Q: Has Zhang Yixing won any acting awards?

Answer: Yes, Zhang Yixing’s portrayal in the film “Oh My God” earned him the Best Supporting Actor prize at the 2016 China-Britain Film Festival.

Q: Is Zhang Yixing a member of a boy band?

Answer: Yeah, before beginning his solo career, Zhang Yixing was a member of the well-known boy band EXO.

Q: What is Zhang Yixing’s net worth?

Answer: Zhang Yixing’s net worth is currently estimated at $10 million.

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