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A retired American professional wrestler, manager, and referee by the name of Theodore Long, Robert Rufus Long is better known by his stage name. He was reared in Atlanta, Georgia, but he was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on September 15, 1947. Throughout the years since he began his career in the 1980s, Long has emerged as one of the most well-known names in the professional wrestling world. Also, he has had appearances in some films and television programs, such as “WWE SmackDown Live” and “The Price is Right.”

Info Details
Net Worth $3 Million
Name Theodore Robert Rufus Long
Date of birth September 15, 1947
Age 75 years old
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 260 lb (118 kg)
Gender Male
Profession Wrestler, Manager, and Referee
Nationality American

Theodore Long Net Worth

Theodore Long is estimated to have a $3 million net worth. He served as a manager and referee for numerous promotions, including WWE, WCW, and NWA, during his professional wrestling career, which is where he gained the most of his income. Long’s entire net worth was boosted by his participation in some films and television shows. Long still makes public appearances at wrestling tournaments and conventions despite being retired.

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Theodore Long’s Biography

Theodore Long was grown and born in Birmingham, Alabama, before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, where he began his career as a professional wrestler. In the 1980s, he began his career as a wrestler before swiftly switching to management and refereeing. Long subsequently rose to become one of the most well-known characters in the field thanks to his aptitude for management and refereeing.

Public access to information on Long’s parents, siblings, and other relatives is prohibited. It is known, however, that he spent the majority of his boyhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

Theodore Long’s Career

Theodore Long started his wrestling career in the 1980s, managing matches for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and World Championship Wrestling, among others (WCW). During his tenure as a manager, he oversaw some prominent wrestlers, including Ron Simmons and Butch Reed, who together made up the tag team “Doom.”

The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, hired Theodore Long to manage wrestlers throughout the 1990s (WWE). Theodore Long oversaw wrestlers including Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, and Rodney Mack while he was employed by the WWF.

Theodore Long started working for the WWE as a referee in 2003. The bout between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX in 2004 was one of the high-profile matchups he officiated as a regular referee for the SmackDown brand.

Afterward, Theodore Long made the switch to an on-screen position as the SmackDown brand’s general manager. He participated in stories with many well-known wrestlers throughout his tenure as a general manager, including The Undertaker and Batista. Also, he made cameos on WWE’s other shows, like Raw and ECW.

Theodore Long continued to make sporadic appearances on the indie wrestling scene after departing the WWE in 2014. He was admitted as a member of the 2019 class to the WWE Hall of Fame 2019.

Awards & Achievements

Theodore Long has won numerous honors and accolades over his career. He was admitted into the 2017 class of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. Long was honored to be the first African American to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, therefore this was a significant occasion.

Among his other career-related honors and accomplishments are the following:

  • Manager of the Year (1990, 1994)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year (1990)
  • World Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductee (Class of 2015)

Long has had a successful career in the wrestling industry, and his contributions have not gone unnoticed. His achievements in the industry have helped him build a great legacy and inspire young and upcoming wrestlers to follow in his footsteps.

Personal Life

Very few details about Theodore Long’s private life are available to the general public. He has been successful in maintaining his privacy, thus there is no information on his present romantic situation.

Life Style

Theodore Long has not been too outspoken about his interests or pastimes when it comes to his way of life. His precise interests or pastimes outside of wrestling are unknown.


Theodore Long is a renowned wrestler who had a successful career. He holds a prominent position in the WWE Hall of Fame thanks to his perseverance and hard work. Despite his retirement, many people still remember and value what he contributed to the wrestling business.


What is Theodore Long’s net worth?

Theodore Long’s net worth is approximately $3 million.

What is Theodore Long’s real name?

Theodore Long’s real name is Theodore Robert Rufus Long.

When was Theodore Long inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Theodore Long was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017, Class of 2017.

What is Theodore Long known for in the wrestling industry?

Theodore Long is known for his work as a wrestling manager and referee in various wrestling promotions.

Is Theodore Long still active in the wrestling industry?

No, Theodore Long retired from the wrestling industry in 2014.

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