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When Steffi Graf was three years old, she began playing tennis, and at age 13, she turned pro. Steffi Graf maintained the top spot in the tennis world rankings for a total of 377 weeks, which is the longest time any player, male or female, has ever held that position. Graf is the second-highest singles winner in Grand Slam history, after Margaret Court, with 22 Grand Slam singles titles. Around the age of 30, she stopped playing competitive tennis owing to injury.

Info Details
Net Worth $145 million
Name Steffi Graf
Date of birth June 14, 1969
Age 53
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 67 kg
Gender Female
Profession Tennis Player
Nationality German

Steffi Graf Net Worth

Steffi Graf’s net worth is estimated to be around $145 million. Graf made a good living playing tennis, which included prize money, sponsorships, and endorsements. Throughout her career, she collected prize money of $21,895,277. Graf also had many endorsement agreements with businesses like Rolex, Porsche, and Adidas.

Steffi Graf Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle
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Steffi Graf’s Biography

Peter and Heidi Graf gave birth to Steffi Graf in Mannheim, Germany. Her first coach was her father, Peter, who introduced her to tennis when she was a little child. Michael Graf, Graf’s older brother, is a former professional tennis player. Graf’s mother remained to be her primary carer after her parents divorced when she was nine years old.

Graf began playing tennis professionally at the age of seven and had established herself as a top player by the time she was 13 years old. Her maiden Grand Slam singles victory came at the age of 18 when she won the French Open. Graf is second among Grand Slam singles champions behind Margaret Court with 22 triumphs throughout her career.

Steffi Graf’s Career

One of the finest female tennis players of all time is Steffi Graf. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, she dominated the sport, taking home multiple Grand Slam trophies and Olympic medals. We shall go into great detail about Steffi Graf’s career in this part.

Earlier Years At the age of 13, Steffi Graf began her career in 1982. She won her maiden match at the 1986 German Open, quickly establishing herself as a rising star in the tennis world. She competed in the French Open that same year and lost to Chris Evert in the championship match. Yet in 1987, she defeated Martina Navratilova to win her maiden Grand Slam title at the French Open.

Grand Slam Success Graf’s hegemony persisted until the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. 22 Grand Slam singles titles in total, including seven at Wimbledon, six at the French Open, five at the US Open, and four at the Australian Open, were won by the player. She finished 1988 as only the second player (after Margaret Court) to capture all four Grand Slam championships in a single year. In addition, she took home the Olympic gold medal in singles and the Olympic silver medal in doubles at the 1988 Seoul Games.

Career Information Steffi Graf had a stellar career, winning 107 singles titles, 11 doubles titles, and going 900-115 in wins and losses. She held the top spot in the global rankings for 377 consecutive weeks, which is a record for both male and female players. At age 30, she ended her career as a professional tennis player in 1999.

Legacy There is no denying Steffi Graf’s influence on tennis. With her strong baseline play and aggressive style of play, she transformed the women’s game. Several players, both male and female have been motivated to play the sport by her amazing success on the court. She was elected into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the best female tennis players of all time.

Awards & Achievements

Many honors and accomplishments have been bestowed upon Steffi Graf over her successful career. Among the noteworthy ones are:

  • Olympic gold in singles at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, where she completed the Golden Slam, and 22 Grand Slam singles titles, the second-most in history behind Margaret Court’s 24. (winning all four Grand Slam tournaments and the Olympics in the same calendar year).
  • The third-most career singles titles in history are my 107.
  • 5 titles for year-end championships.
  • Eight times in a row, the WTA Tour Player of the Year.
  • ITF World Champion seven times in total.
  • 2004 saw his induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • Listed by Tennis Channel in 2012 as one of the 100 greatest tennis players of all time.

Graf is among the all-time greats in tennis history thanks to her accomplishments and records, and she has inspired countless tennis players throughout the years with her legacy.

Personal Life

One of the best tennis players of all time, Steffi Graf, has enjoyed a fruitful career both on and off the court. The following information relates to her private life:

Early Life and Family

On June 14, 1969, Steffi Graf was born in Mannheim, West Germany. Peter Graf, her father, served as her coach and was a key figure in her tennis career. Steffi’s mother, Heidi Graf, a stay-at-home mom, encouraged her in her endeavors. Michael is the eldest brother of Steffi Graf.

Marriage and Children

Andre Agassi, another tennis legend, wed Steffi Graf in 2001. Jaden Gil, a son, and Jaz Elle, a daughter, are the couple’s two offspring. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are well renowned for their charitable work, especially with the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.

Retirement and Current Life

At the age of 30, Steffi Graf gave up playing competitive tennis in 1999. She has continued to be engaged ever since in the tennis community and different charity endeavors. She has also supported causes related to animal welfare and the environment.


Steffi Graf has been involved in a few controversies throughout her career. In 1995, her father was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for tax evasion and embezzlement. Steffi Graf herself was not implicated in the case, but the controversy affected her public image. Additionally, there were rumors of doping during her career, but no evidence was ever found to support these claims.

Life Style

Former tennis player Steffi Graf dominated the game in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to her stellar tennis career, she is renowned for leading a lavish lifestyle. We shall talk about Steffi Graf’s preferences and way of life in this article.

  1. Residences:  Steffi Graf has a lavish lifestyle and has owned numerous properties around the globe. She and her family are currently residing in a home in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Heidelberg, Germany, where she grew up and picked up tennis, she also has a home.
  2. Cars:  Graf is well known for her passion for vehicles. She’s owned a Mercedes Benz SLK, a Porsche Carrera 4, and an Audi Q7 among other expensive vehicles throughout the years. She has been seen in her Audi Q7 roaming the streets of Las Vegas.
  3. Fashion:  Graf is renowned for her fashionable attire, both on and off the court. Designer apparel from labels like Armani, Hugo Boss, and Escada has been seen on her. She even had her own Adidas brand, and during her tennis career, she was well-recognized for wearing Adidas clothing.
  4. Hobbies:  Graf is a philanthropist who has over the years taken part in many charitable endeavors. Golf is another pastime of hers, and she has been seen playing it. She enjoys horseback riding and has demonstrated her interest by competing in equestrian competitions.
  5. Travel:  Graf has traveled much throughout her life because of her tennis career and personal interests. She has visited several other countries, including Australia, England, France, and the US. She regularly uploads pictures from her travels to social media.

Generally, Steffi Graf has a luxurious, elegant, and refined existence. She continues to serve as an inspiration for budding tennis players and fashion fans alike due to her well-documented love of cars, fashion, and travel.


Tennis legend Steffi Graf has a distinguished career and many major victories to her credit. She has amassed a $145 million estimated net worth through her tennis career, brand endorsements, and other business endeavors. Her tennis career high points show off her accomplishments, dedication, and effort. She has won numerous Grand Slam matches, Olympic medals, and other prestigious awards throughout her career.


What is Steffi Graf’s net worth?

Steffi Graf’s net worth is estimated to be around $145 million.

What is Steffi Graf known for?

With 22 Grand Slam singles titles under her belt and an Olympic gold medal, Steffi Graf is known for her brilliant tennis career.

Who is Steffi Graf married to?

Steffi Graf is married to retired tennis player Andre Agassi.

How many children does Steffi Graf have?

Steffi Graf has two children with Andre Agassi.

What is Steffi Graf doing now?

Steffi Graf is now retired from tennis and is involved in various philanthropic causes and social events.

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