Rocío Dúrcal Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle

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Famous Spanish singer and actress Roco Drcal was well-known for her pop tunes and sappy ballads. She was a Spanish citizen who was born on October 4, 1944, in Madrid and died on March 25, 2006, in Andalusia, of cancer. A successful singer, Roco Drcal had a profound influence on the Latin music landscape with her beautiful voice and captivating performances.

Info Details
Net Worth $8 million
Name Rocío Dúrcal
Date of Birth October 4, 1944
Date of Death March 25, 2006
Age 61 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
Gender Female
Profession Singer, Actress
Nationality Spanish

Rocío Dúrcal Net Worth

Roco Drcal’s estimated net worth is $8 million. She made the most of her wealth through her lucrative careers as an actress and singer. During the course of her career, Roco Drcal recorded over 30 studio albums and amassed over 40 million global record sales. She was also a prominent actress in Spanish, where she appeared in several well-liked films and TV shows.

Rocío Dúrcal Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle
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Rocío Dúrcal’s Biography

In 1944, Rocío Dúrcal was born in Madrid, Spain. Maria de los Angeles de las Heras Ortiz was the youngest of three children, and her full name is Maria. Her parents supported Roco’s decision to pursue a career in music from an early age because they were both vocalists. Roco Drcal was raised in a musical household; her brothers Antonio and Pepe de Luca were also performers.

In the middle of the 1960s, Roco Drcal began her career as a singer. In 1962, she issued her debut album. When she released the album “Canta a Juan Gabriel” in 1977, she made a big splash and became one of the most well-known singers in Latin America. Roco Drcal earned the title of “Queen of Ranchera Music” by releasing hit albums consistently throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Rocío Dúrcal’s Education

The amount of information regarding Rocío Dúrcal’s education is limited. It is known, however, that she began her musical career at a young age and received guidance from her parents, who were both vocalists. She underwent vocal training as well as early guitar instruction.

Rocío Dúrcal’s Career

At the age of 15, Rocío Dúrcal took part in the radio program “Cita con las estrellas,” which launched her career. Roco earned her first recording deal and released her debut album “Canta with Mariachi” in 1960 after being founded by Juan Pardo and Antonio Guijarro. The success of this record gave Roc’o access to a lot more opportunities.

Roco recorded numerous hit albums throughout the ensuing years and rose to fame in Spain and Latin America. She appeared on numerous television programs and concerts, and her music was adored by listeners all over the world. Roco swiftly rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked singers of her era thanks to her emotive performances and powerful voice.

Rocío began to concentrate more on acting in the 1980s and made appearances in a number of Spanish movies and TV shows. She received praise from critics for her performances in the movies “Carmen” and “Como agua para chocolate.”

Roco made a comeback to music in the 1990s and put out a number of further albums. She continued to perform at concerts and festivals all around the world while working with numerous other artists.

Unfortunately, Roco died in 2006 at the age of 61, leaving a legacy as one of the most adored and significant vocalists in the history of Spanish music.

Awards & Achievements

Rocío Dúrcal was a very gifted artist who has been recognized with many honors and nominations for her work in the music industry. She received a total of five Ondas Awards, including one for best Spanish actress and four for a best female singer in Spain. For her performance in “Cristina Guzmán,” she also took home the Silver Shell Award for Best Actress at the San Sebastián International Film Festival (1968).

In addition to these honors, Drcal’s album “Caramelito” was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Ranchero Album. Around 500,000 copies of the record were sold worldwide, making it a commercial success.

In addition to this, Drcal received a number of other distinctions during her lifetime. She was the first female singer who spoke Spanish to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, receiving it in 1986.

Ultimately, the music and entertainment industries recognized Roco Drcal’s talent and commitment to her trade. She made a significant contribution to the music industry, and her accolades and successes attest to her status as one of the best Spanish vocalists of all time.

Personal Life

Spanish singer and actor Antonio Morales and Rocío Dúrcal were married and had three kids together. She was renowned for her devotion to her family and frequently took time off from work to be with them.

Life Style

Rocío Dúrcal was known for her sophisticated and exquisite sense of fashion. She was usually immaculately groomed and frequently donned fancy apparel and jewelry. She also had a reputation for being a travel enthusiast who cherished the chance to see new locations.


In conclusion, Rocío Dúrcal was an extraordinarily gifted singer and actress who made a significant contribution to the Spanish music industry. Over her career, she received several honors and prizes, and she will always be regarded as one of the finest vocalists ever.


Q: What was Rocío Dúrcal’s most successful album?

Answer: Rocío Dúrcal had many successful albums throughout her career, but her most popular album was “Caramelito” which was released in 1980.

Q: How did Rocío Dúrcal die?

Answer: Rocío Dúrcal passed away in 2006 after a battle with cancer.

Q: Did Rocío Dúrcal ever perform in the United States?

Answer: Yes, Rocío Dúrcal performed in the United States several times throughout her career.

Q: Did Rocío Dúrcal ever win a Grammy Award?

Answer: Yes, Rocío Dúrcal won several Latin Grammy Awards throughout her career.

Q: How many children did Rocío Dúrcal have?

Answer: Rocío Dúrcal had three children with her husband Antonio Morales.

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