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Scottish mixed martial artist Paul Craig competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Light Heavyweight class (UFC). He was born in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, on December 31, 1987. He is well-known for his expertise in the triangle choke. He began his professional career in 2013, and since then, he has competed in matches for BAMMA, Cage Warriors, and the UFC, among other promotions.

Info Details
Net Worth $2 Million
Name Paul Craig
Date of birth December 31, 1987
Age 35 years old
Height 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
Gender Male
Profession MMA fighter
Nationality Scottish

Paul Craig Net Worth

The net worth of Paul Craig is believed to be $2 million. His prosperous life has mostly been made possible by his prosperous mixed martial arts career. His net worth has grown as a result of his appearances in numerous commercials and endorsements. As long as he keeps playing at the greatest level, his net worth should increase in the upcoming years.

Paul Craig Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle
(Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC)

Paul Craig’s Biography

Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, is where Paul Craig was born and reared. At a young age, he had a passion for martial arts, and at the age of 19, he began learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In his youth, he participated in rugby and football as well.

Before making his UFC debut in 2016, Craig began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2013 and competed in several promotions, such as BAMMA and Cage Warriors. He is well known for his expertise in submissions and has done so to win the majority of his matches. 15 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw comprise his professional record.

Paul Craig’s Education

Regarding Paul Craig’s educational background, not much is known. He has, however, acknowledged in interviews that he was raised in a difficult environment and struggled to support himself. He began working in a factory when he was 16 years old to provide for his family.

Paul Craig’s Career

Professional mixed martial artist Paul Craig represents Scotland in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Light Heavyweight class (UFC). 2014 was Craig’s professional MMA debut after he started his MMA career in 2013. He competed in several leagues before joining the UFC, including Cage Warriors and BAMMA.

In December 2016, Craig made his UFC debut. He won his first two matches via submission. He fought Tyson Pedro in March 2017 and lost via TKO in the opening frame. At UFC Fight Night 113, Craig faced Khalil Rountree Jr. and defeated him by first-round submission.

Magomed Ankalaev was Craig’s opponent in his subsequent match at UFC Fight Night 127 in March 2018. Craig won the fight by submission in the final seconds of the third round despite being outmatched for most of the contest, earning him the Performance of the Night prize. At UFC Fight Night 142, Craig’s next opponent, Jim Crute, defeated him by third-round Knockout.

At UFC on ESPN+ 3 in 2019, Craig defeated Kennedy Nzechukwu by submission in the third round. After that, he competed against Alonzo Menifield at UFC on ESPN+ 10 and won by first-round submission.

Craig’s subsequent match took place in November 2019 at UFC Fight Night 164 versus Mauricio Rua. He obtained the Performance of the Night prize after winning the bout through Knockout in the second round.

At UFC Fight Night 172 in 2020, Craig defeated Gadzhimurad Antigulov by first-round submission. In their subsequent rematch at UFC 255, he defeated Shogun Rua via second-round TKO.

Craig’s most recent fight was against Jamahal Hill at UFC 263 in June 2021. As a result of his first-round Knockout victory, he received another Performance of the Night bonus.

Craig currently has a record of 15 victories, 4 losses, and 1 draw. He is regarded as one of the best Light Heavyweight competitors in the UFC and has a promising career ahead of him.

Future Goals

Craig’s goals include obtaining even greater success as he develops as a mixed martial artist. He has stated an interest in a potential rematch with Jan Blachowicz, the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, who defeated him in 2020. With the purpose of defeating Blachowicz and winning the UFC Light Heavyweight Title, Craig thinks he possesses the necessary abilities.

Craig has said that he wants to support his community in addition to his fighting career. In addition to supporting charities for mental health, he has been actively involved in many humanitarian endeavors, including fundraising for neighborhood food pantries. Craig wants to have a positive impact on the world by using his position as a successful athlete.

Awards & Achievements

Scottish mixed martial artist Paul Craig competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Light Heavyweight class (UFC). After making his UFC debut in 2016, he has rapidly established a reputation in the sport and racked up a number of noteworthy successes and honors. In this post, we’ll examine Paul Craig’s MMA honors and accomplishments in more detail.

Paul Craig’s remarkable professional record, which now stands at 15 wins, 4 defeats, and 1 draw, is one of his most notable accomplishments. He is one of the most dangerous submission artists in the sport because 12 of his 15 victories have been by submission. Also, he has received six Performance of the Night bonuses, which are given out at UFC events to the competitors who put on the best performances of the evening.

At UFC Fight Night 102 in 2016, Craig faced Luis Henrique da Silva in his UFC debut. Despite having a significant disadvantage, Craig was able to submit through armbar to win the second round. He has been recognized as a rising star in the sport thanks to his outstanding debut performance, which also earned him the Performance of the Night prize.

Craig’s next notable achievement came in 2018 when he took part in UFC Fight Night 127 and faced off against Magomed Ankalaev. After being outmatched by Ankalaev for the first two rounds, Craig was able to submit with a spectacular triangle choke in the last seconds of the third round, snatching triumph from the jaws of defeat. He won the UFC’s Comeback of the Year award with this victory, enhancing his reputation as a fighter who never gives up.

At UFC Fight Night 164 in 2020, Craig squared up against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Craig put on a strong effort, dominating Rua on the ground and winning the match by submission with a triangle choke in the third round. His success solidified his position as a strong contender in the Light Heavyweight class and won him his sixth Performance of the Night bonus.

Craig has received recognition for his efforts to MMA outside of the octagon in addition to his stellar record and multiple performance bonuses. He received the Scottish MMA Fighter of the Year award at the Scottish MMA Awards in 2017 and the Breakout Fighter of the Year award from Cage Warriors, one of the leading MMA promotions in Europe, in 2020.

Personal Life

Craig has a personal life outside of fighting that includes his family, his education, and his interests in addition to his amazing career in the octagon.

Family Life

Paul Craig is a loving husband and father. He has three children with Kelly, his high school sweetheart, with whom he is married. Craig makes sure to spend quality time with his family and is frequently seen posting pictures of them on his social media accounts, despite his tough training and competition schedule.


While Craig isn’t working out or competing, he likes to spend time with his family and engage in his interests. He enjoys playing golf and has been observed playing one or more rounds when he has free time. Craig likes to go fishing as well, and he frequently brings his kids along.


In addition to frequently taking part in charitable activities, Craig is passionate about giving back to his community. For numerous charities, such as Cash for Kids and Cancer Research UK, he has taken part in several fundraising activities.

Life Style

He is renowned for his broad range of abilities, thrilling fighting style, and commitment to leading a fit and active lifestyle outside of the octagon. We will examine Paul Craig’s lifestyle in more detail in this piece, including his training routine, food, and other practices that help him succeed as a fighter.

Training Regimen

Paul Craig is a committed sportsman who works out frequently to maintain peak physical condition. He usually works out twice a day, concentrating on various sports including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, striking, and conditioning. His training program aims to refine both his general athleticism and his particular mixed martial arts skills.

Diet and Nutrition

Paul Craig is aware of the need for a balanced diet and good nutrition because he is a professional athlete. He maintains a strict diet that is full of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and good fats. Also, he stays away from processed foods and sweetened beverages in favor of healthy foods that are high in nutrients and gives him long-lasting energy throughout the day.

Recovery and Rest

Paul Craig places a strong emphasis on recuperation and rests in addition to his demanding workout regimen and nutritious nutrition. He makes time to rest and recover in between workouts since he is aware of how important sleep is to overall health and wellness. To aid in his body’s recuperation from the pressures of training and competition, he also employs a variety of rehabilitation treatments like ice baths, massage therapy, and stretching.

Mental and Emotional Health

To be a successful athlete, Paul Craig understands that having good mental and emotional health is equally as crucial as having good physical health. To keep focused and centered, he practices mindfulness and meditation. When necessary, he also asks family, friends, and mental health specialists for support.

Outside Interests

Paul Craig is a committed athlete, but he also enjoys a wide range of activities outside of the octagon. Together with enjoying time with his loved ones and friends, he is passionate about music and playing the guitar. He feels that maintaining a balanced life outside of training and competition is crucial for overall pleasure and fulfillment, as well as for keeping the mind and heart in check.

Real estate & Cars

He has become well-known in the MMA community thanks to his outstanding fighting abilities and commitment to the game. Craig is well-known for his involvement with luxury automobiles and real estate in addition to his career as a fighter.

Real Estate Investments

Over the years, Paul Craig has made numerous real estate investments, leveraging his hard-won money to amass a varied portfolio. He has an excellent sense of what makes a good investment and has chosen well in the Scottish real estate market. He has bought a number of rental properties, which he has successfully turned into lucrative businesses.

Craig has made investments in both rental and development properties. His reconstruction of an ancient church in Scotland, which he turned into a high-end apartment complex, was one of his most significant investments. He received a big return on his investment and the project was a huge success.

Luxury Cars

Paul Craig’s passions outside of real estate include high-end automobiles. Lamborghinis, Porsches, and BMWs are just a few of the expensive cars he has been known to invest lavishly on. His social media profiles, where he frequently posts images and videos of his most recent purchases, make it clear how much he loves vehicles.

Craig has reportedly amassed a sizable car collection, and he has been observed in Scotland driving his vehicles. He has also been known to flaunt his favorite belongings at events and vehicle shows.

Paul Craig has a sharp eye for good chances and is not hesitant to take risks, as evidenced by his investments in real estate and high-end vehicles. His passion and diligence both inside and outside the Octagon have contributed to his success in the business world.


In conclusion, Paul Craig is an accomplished MMA fighter with a stellar UFC resume. For his thrilling performances inside the octagon, he has received multiple Performance of the Night bonuses. Craig is a committed and diligent athlete with a promising future in the game.


What is Paul Craig’s net worth?

Paul Craig’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

How did Paul Craig accumulate his wealth?

Paul Craig’s professional MMA fighting experience helped him amass his money. With sponsorships and endorsements, he has also gained additional revenue.

Has Paul Craig won any significant prize money throughout his career?

Yes, Paul Craig has received a lot of cash prizes during his career. He received a Performance of the Night bonus of $50,000 for his 2020 matchup with Shogun Rua.

Does Paul Craig own any expensive cars or real estate properties?

Sure, Paul Craig is the owner of a few high-end vehicles, such as a Mercedes and a BMW. He also has a residence in Coatbridge, Scotland, the place of his birth.

Is Paul Craig involved in any other business ventures outside of MMA?

Paul Craig is not currently engaged in any other business endeavors outside of mixed martial arts, as far as is known to the general public.

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