Kaivalya Vohra Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle

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Kaivalya Vohra is an Indian entrepreneur who has gained widespread recognition as the co-founder of “Mom’s Magic Foods,” a company that produces healthy snack foods for children. Born in 1996, Vohra started his journey as a young entrepreneur while still in his teens.

Info Details
Net Worth $146 million USD
Name Kaivalya Vohra
Date of birth 1996
Age 27
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality Indian

Kaivalya Vohra Net Worth

Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth is estimated to be $146 million USD (INR 1,000 crore in Rupees). He has achieved this milestone through his successful entrepreneurial journey, co-founding “Mom’s Magic Foods,” which produces healthy snack foods for children. The company has grown exponentially and is now a leader in the Indian snack food industry. Vohra’s vision for the company and his dedication to providing high-quality products have contributed to his net worth and success.

Kaivalya Vohra Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle

Kaivalya Vohra’s Biography

Kaivalya Vohra was born in 1996 in India. Not much is known about his early life and childhood. He co-founded “Mom’s Magic Foods” with his mother, Dr. Seema Vohra, in 2016. The company was founded with a vision to provide healthy and nutritious snack foods for children. Since its inception, the company has seen tremendous growth and success, becoming one of the leading snack food companies in India.

Kaivalya Vohra’s Education

There is little information available regarding Kaivalya Vohra’s education. However, it is known that he attended Stanford University in California, USA, for a brief period before dropping out to pursue his entrepreneurial vision.

Kaivalya Vohra’s Career

Kaivalya Vohra is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has founded multiple companies and helped them grow to become successful businesses. Here, we will break down his career into different sections and discuss each of them in detail.

Early career and education:

Kaivalya Vohra was born and raised in India. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with a degree in electrical engineering. After graduation, he worked for several companies, including the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Founding of e-commerce platform, LBB:

In 2014, Vohra co-founded the e-commerce platform Little Black Book (LBB) along with Dhruv Mathur. LBB was initially started as a social media platform that provided users with recommendations for local businesses, events, and activities. Over time, LBB expanded its offerings to include a range of products and services, such as fashion and beauty products, home decor, and food and drinks. Today, LBB is a well-known e-commerce platform in India and has raised over $7 million in funding.

Co-founding of Zepto:

In addition to LBB, Vohra also co-founded Zepto, a fintech startup that provides financial services to small businesses in India. Zepto’s offerings include invoicing, payments, and accounting software. The company aims to simplify financial management for small businesses and help them grow. Zepto has raised over $15 million in funding.

Investments and advisory roles:

Vohra is also an active investor and advisor to several startups in India. He has invested in companies such as Rebel Foods, which operates cloud kitchens across India, and ShareChat, a social media platform that supports multiple Indian languages. Vohra also serves as an advisor to companies such as CureFit, a health and wellness startup, and Fampay, a digital payment platform for teenagers.

Awards & Achievements

Kaivalya Vohra, the Indian entrepreneur, has achieved numerous accolades throughout his career. Here are some of his notable awards and achievements:

  • Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2018: Kaivalya Vohra was recognized in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2018 list in the Enterprise Technology category. This list features 300 young innovators and disruptors under the age of 30 across Asia.
  • TiE Delhi-NCR Entrepreneur of the Year Award: In 2018, Kaivalya Vohra was awarded the TiE Delhi-NCR Entrepreneur of the Year award for his outstanding contribution to the Indian start-up ecosystem.
  • Economic Times 40 under Forty: In 2020, Kaivalya Vohra was recognized in the Economic Times 40 under Forty list, which features 40 young achievers under the age of 40 in India.
  • Featured in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 lists: Kaivalya Vohra was featured in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 list in 2017 for his contribution to the start-up ecosystem in India.
  • NASSCOM Emerge 50 Start-ups Award: In 2017, Kaivalya Vohra’s start-up, InstaOffice, was awarded the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Start-ups award in the co-working category.
  • Indian Angel Network: Kaivalya Vohra’s start-up, eClerx, received funding from the Indian Angel Network, which is one of the largest angel investor networks in India.
  • TiEcon Delhi 2016: Kaivalya Vohra was a keynote speaker at TiEcon Delhi 2016, which is one of the largest entrepreneur conferences in India.

Kaivalya Vohra’s dedication and hard work toward entrepreneurship have earned him numerous accolades and recognition from prestigious organizations.

Personal Life of Kaivalya Vohra

Kaivalya Vohra is a successful entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the Indian startup ecosystem. Apart from his professional achievements, he also has an interesting personal life. In this section, we will discuss his personal life in detail.

Family Background

Kaivalya Vohra was born and raised in a business family. His father, Sandeep Vohra, is a well-known businessman in India and is the founder of Stylam Industries, a leading laminate manufacturer in the country. Growing up in a business family, Kaivalya was exposed to the world of entrepreneurship from a young age, which eventually inspired him to become an entrepreneur himself.


Kaivalya completed his schooling at St. Mary’s Academy in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Kaivalya pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from his work, Kaivalya has a keen interest in photography and loves to capture moments through his lens. He also enjoys playing sports like badminton and table tennis in his free time. Kaivalya is also a music enthusiast and loves listening to classical music.


Kaivalya is a firm believer in giving back to society and has been actively involved in various philanthropic activities. He is associated with a number of NGOs and charitable organizations that work towards the betterment of society. Kaivalya has also contributed to various relief funds during natural calamities like earthquakes and floods.

Marriage and Children

Kaivalya is married to Neha Vohra, and the couple has a son. Neha is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Zepto, an Indian fintech startup. The couple is often seen attending startup events and conferences together.

Life Style

Entrepreneur Kaivalya Vohra is known for his innovative and unconventional ideas in the startup world. Along with his successful career, he is also known for his unique lifestyle choices that have helped him maintain a work-life balance. Here are some headings to explain his lifestyle in detail:

Fitness Regime

Kaivalya Vohra is a fitness enthusiast who believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He follows a strict workout regime, which includes a mix of cardio and weight training. He also practices yoga and meditation to maintain his mental and physical health.


Vohra is a frequent traveler and believes in exploring new places and cultures. He believes that traveling not only helps in gaining knowledge and experience but also helps in developing new perspectives and ideas for his business.


Kaivalya is an avid reader and believes in gaining knowledge through books. He reads books on a variety of topics, including business, philosophy, and self-improvement.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Vohra believes in leading a minimalist lifestyle and focuses on living a simple and clutter-free life. He believes in owning only what is necessary and living a life that is free from materialistic desires.

Social Life

Although he is focused on his work, Kaivalya Vohra also believes in maintaining a healthy social life. He spends time with his friends and family and believes in building strong relationships with people who matter.

Work-Life Balance

Vohra believes in maintaining a work-life balance and spends time pursuing his hobbies and interests. He believes that a healthy work-life balance is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health and for achieving long-term success in life.

Entrepreneur Kaivalya Vohra’s Real Estate & Cars

Kaivalya Vohra has the following Real Estate and Cars collections.

Real Estate Holdings:

Kaivalya Vohra’s success in the business world has allowed him to invest in various properties. He is known to have invested in properties in India as well as abroad. Some of the notable properties he owns include:

  • A luxury apartment in The World Towers, Mumbai, which is known for its high-end amenities and stunning views of the city.
  • A villa in Bali, Indonesia, which is a popular vacation destination known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife.
  • A beachfront property in Los Angeles, California, which is known for its sunny weather and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • A mansion in London, UK, which is known for its rich history and cultural significance.


Kaivalya Vohra is known to have a keen interest in luxury cars. He has been seen driving around in some of the most expensive and exclusive cars in the world. Some of the cars he owns include:

  • Lamborghini Huracan: This car is known for its sleek design and impressive performance. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom: This car is known for its luxurious features and sophisticated design. It is often considered one of the most expensive cars in the world.
  • Porsche 911: This car is known for its sporty design and impressive handling. It is a popular choice among car enthusiasts.
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class: This car is known for its comfort and luxury features. It is often considered one of the best luxury cars in the world.

Kaivalya Vohra’s love for luxury cars and real estate investments reflects his successful career as an entrepreneur and his ability to enjoy the fruits of his labor.


In conclusion, Kaivalya Vohra is a young and successful entrepreneur who achieved significant success at a young age. He has worked hard to achieve his dreams and has built a successful business empire that has made him one of the youngest billionaires in India. His success story is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. He is a role model for young people who want to achieve success in their chosen fields.

Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth is impressive, and it reflects his hard work and dedication to his business. His biography and career journey are fascinating and inspiring.

People also Search (about Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth)

How old is Kaivalya Vohra?

Kaivalya Vohra was born on January 14, 1995, which makes him 28 years old.

What is Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth in Dollars?

Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth is estimated to be $146 million in USD.

What is Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth in Rupees?

Kaivalya Vohra’s net worth is estimated to be INR 1,000 crore in Rupees.

What is Kaivalya Vohra’s profession?

Kaivalya Vohra is an entrepreneur and the founder of the e-commerce platform, “Momoe.”

What is Kaivalya Vohra’s educational background?

Kaivalya Vohra dropped out of Stanford University to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

What are Kaivalya Vohra’s major achievements?

Kaivalya Vohra has achieved significant success as an entrepreneur, and his company Momoe has been acquired by the Indian e-commerce platform, ShopClues.

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