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Hans Rudolf Giger, also known as H.R. Giger, was a Swiss designer, sculptor, and artist renowned for his distinctive aesthetic and contributions to biomechanics. The xenomorph alien from the film “Alien,” which Giger created, is well known. Along with his inventive and frequently surreal artwork, he was also well-recognized for his depictions of biomechanical animals, fantastical landscapes, and other bizarre creatures. This article will go over many different aspects of renowned designer H.R. Giger, including his net worth, biography, career, and lifestyle.

Info Details
Net Worth $5 Million
Name Hans Rudolf Giger
Date of Birth February 5, 1940
Age Died on May 12, 2014 (Age 74)
Date of Death May 12, 2014
Place of Birth Chur, Switzerland
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight 68 kg
Gender Male
Profession Artist, Designer, Sculptor
Nationality Swiss

H.R. Giger Net Worth

H.R. Giger’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He accumulated his fortune through his successful career as an artist, designer, and sculptor. H.R. Giger’s unique and influential style of artwork earned him numerous accolades and opportunities throughout his career. In 1979, he won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on the movie “Alien,” which helped to boost his popularity and solidify his position as a prominent figure in the art and design world.

Giger worked in movies, music videos, and record cover design in addition to more conventional artistic mediums like painting and sculpture. For the movies “Dune,” “Poltergeist II: The Other Side,” and “Alien 3,” among others, he created numerous components. The works of Giger continue to serve as an inspiration for designers, filmmakers, and artists all around the world.

(Photo by Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images)

H.R. Giger’s Biography

Hans Rudolf Giger was born on February 5, 1940, in Chur, Switzerland. Giger had a unique childhood, as he was fascinated with death and the macabre from an early age. His parents encouraged his interests and supported his artistic endeavors, which helped to shape his unique style and vision. Giger had an interest in drawing and painting from a young age and was inspired by the work of Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon.

Giger completed his official education at the Zurich School of Applied Arts, where he majored in architecture and industrial design. Giger started his career as a freelance artist after completing his studies, working on numerous projects in the industries of design, advertising, and illustration. As soon as the art world took notice of his work, he started showing it in galleries throughout Europe and Switzerland.

H.R. Giger’s Education

Self-taught artist H.R. Giger never attended art school. He did go to a few schools though, including the School of Applied Arts in Zurich, Switzerland, during his formative years. Giger started his career as an interior designer and established himself in the art world in 1962.

Giger was influenced by science fiction writers like H.P. Lovecraft and surrealist artists like Salvador Dali in his formative years. Later, he created his own distinct aesthetic known as “biomechanical,” which included grotesque and horror aspects.

Giger has shown his work in several galleries and museums all around the world during his career. Many publications incorporating his artwork have also been written and published by him, including “Necronomicon,” “Biomechanics,” and “H.R. Giger’s Cinema Design.”

H.R. Giger’s Career

Throughout his long career, H.R. Giger worked on a variety of projects, such as furniture design, movie sets, and album covers. Among of his most well-known creations include the “Brain Salad Surgery” album cover by Emerson, Lake & Palmer and the “Alien” set design, for which he received the 1980 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

In addition to his work on “Dune” and “Poltergeist II,” Giger also contributed to other movies. His work can also be seen in several music videos, such as Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” and Danzig’s “How the Gods Kill.” He even created “The Giger Bar,” a theme bar with his artwork displayed throughout Switzerland.

For his contributions to the art and design sectors throughout his career, Giger won numerous prizes and honors. He was admitted to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 1998, and his influence on the visual arts community is still felt today.

Awards & Achievements

H.R. Giger received many awards and recognition for his contribution to the art world. Some of the most notable ones are as follows:

  • Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1980 for the film “Alien”
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame induction in 1998
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the Spectrum Fantastic Art community in 2005
  • Awarded the title of Commander of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity by the Italian government in 2009.

Personal Life

In his lifetime, H.R. Giger had two marriages. His first wife, Mia Bonzanigo, and he were parents to a daughter they called Sandra. Following their divorce, Giger wed Carmen Maria Scheifele, his muse and the source of most of his inspiration for his paintings.

Giger was regarded as being private and rarely opened up about his personal life in interviews. Themes that mirror his own experiences and feelings are gloomy and occasionally unpleasant in his paintings, nevertheless.

Life Style

H.R. Giger’s lifestyle was as unique as his artwork. He was known for his love of motorcycles and often rode his custom-designed chopper around Switzerland. He was also a fan of the occult and was rumored to have a collection of occult artifacts and books.

Giger was also an avid collector of art and artifacts, and his personal collection included items such as human skulls, African masks, and medieval weaponry. He often incorporated these items into his artwork, giving them a sense of realism and authenticity.

Real Estate & Cars

H.R. Giger had exquisite taste when it came to homes and automobiles. He kept a lot of information about his life and real estate holdings confidential. He did, however, own a stunning home in Zurich, Switzerland, which he designed and is now a museum in his memory. Several of his well-known pieces, including “Alien,” “Species,” and “Dune,” are on display in the museum. Of his other real estate holdings, except this, nothing is known.

About automobiles, H.R. Giger had an interior decorated with aliens in his Rolls Royce, which he also designed. He was known to be fascinated by automobiles and cutting-edge architecture. He also created Debbie Harry’s “Koo Koo” album cover, which was influenced by vehicle designs.


In conclusion, H.R. Giger was a brilliant artist who made a lasting contribution to the field of design. He is most renowned for his distinctive biomechanical style and his work on the “Alien” film series. At the time of his passing, H.R. Giger’s net worth was thought to be around $5 million. He was devoted to his career and led a secluded life. For his contributions to the world of design, he was given several prizes and honors, and his legacy still serves as an example for upcoming creatives today.


What is the net worth of H.R. Giger?

H.R. Giger had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death.

What is H.R. Giger best known for?

The work of surrealist painters, sculptors, and set designers is what made H.R. Giger most well-known. In the 1979 movie “Alien,” he is best known for creating the Alien beast.

What was H.R. Giger’s most famous artwork?

The Necronomicon series, which includes bizarre and ominous depictions of biomechanical beings, is among H.R. Giger’s most well-known works of art.

Did H.R. Giger win any awards for his work?

Yes, for his work on the 1980 movie “Alien,” H.R. Giger received an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

What was H.R. Giger’s personal life like?

Although H.R. Giger had a reputation for being a reclusive individual, he had two marriages and one kid.

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