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Mexican-American singer and composer Gerardo Ortiz was born in Pasadena, California, on October 5, 1989. He began his musical career in 2009, and since then, his music has helped him amass a sizable fan base. Mexican regional music, note music, and corridos are just a few of the musical styles that Ortiz’s distinctive music combines. He has established himself as a household brand in the music business and has received numerous nominations and awards. The list of richest singers in the world now includes Ortiz, whose net worth has also increased.

Info Details
Net Worth $14 Million USD
Name Gerardo Ortiz
Date of Birth October 5, 1989
Age 33 years old
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight 77 kg
Gender Male
Profession Singer
Nationality American and Mexican

Gerardo Ortiz Net Worth

Gerardo Ortiz has an estimated net worth of $14 million. His lucrative music career, album sales, and concert tours have contributed to his wealth. Ortiz has a total of 16 albums under his belt, and millions of people have viewed his music videos on YouTube. Also, he has been in several events and concerts all around the world. One of the richest singers in the world, Ortiz is a result of his success in the music business.

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Gerardo Ortiz’s Biography

Gerardo Ortiz was born in the California city of Pasadena to Mexican parents. He grew up for the majority of his youth in Mexico, where he fell in love with music. Many musicians, including Ramón Ayala, Los Tigres del Norte, and Marco Antonio Sols, served as inspiration for Ortiz. After finishing his education, he followed a music career. He had begun singing and writing songs at an early age.

Gerardo Ortiz’s Education

Regarding his education, almost little is known about Gerardo Ortiz. Yet it is known that he studied music at Mexico’s Academy of Music, where he honed his abilities. To enhance his singing and songwriting skills, Ortiz has also participated in many music workshops and classes.

Gerardo Ortiz’s Career

At the age of 16, Gerardo Ortiz launched his singing career. He launched his debut album, “A Morir,” in 2009, and it was an immediate success, making him a well-known performer in the local Mexican music scene. On the Billboard Top Latin Albums list, the album reached position 29.

“Morir y Existir,” the second album Ortiz released in 2010, opened at number 11 on the Billboard Top Hispanic Albums chart. The popular songs “Cara a la Muerte” and “Morir y Existir” were on the CD.

Gerardo Ortiz has put out many successful albums over the years, including “Entre Dios y El Diablo” (2011), “El Primer Ministro” (2012), “Archivos de Me Vida” (2013), “Hoy Más Fuerte” (2015), and “Comeré Callado, Vol. 1.” (2019). Several of his songs have reached the top of the Latin music charts, and he has received numerous accolades for his work, including several Latin Grammy nominations.

Gerardo Ortiz has acted in several movies, including “El Compadre Mendoza” and “La Carga de la División del Norte,” in addition to his singing career. Also, he has made cameos on numerous TV programs, including “Nuestra Belleza Latina.”

The music of Gerardo Ortiz is distinctive in that it combines elements of pop and rock with traditional Mexican music. He has been given credit for reviving interest in the traditional Mexican music style.

Awards & Achievements

For his remarkable efforts in the music industry, Gerardo Ortiz has been nominated and honored with numerous honors. Several Billboard Latin Music Awards have been given to him, including Album of the Year, Regional Mexican Album of the Year, and Regional Mexican Songs Artist of the Year. He received the Premios Juventud Award for Best Local Mexican Artist in 2013. Throughout his career, he has also earned numerous Latin Grammy nominations.

In addition to these honors, Gerardo Ortiz has received praise for his charitable endeavors. He received the Premios Juventud’s Superhero Award in 2013 in recognition of his efforts on behalf of children’s organizations. Also, he has actively supported causes related to social justice and human rights.

Personal Life

Gerardo Ortiz doesn’t divulge a lot of information to the public about his personal life. He is married to Kenia Ontiveros, and the two of them have two kids. In addition, Kenia works in the music business and has recorded many singles.


It is well known that Gerardo Ortiz leads a lavish lifestyle. He frequently posts images of his pricey cars, watches, and jewelry on social media. Also well-recognized for his love of fashion, he frequently dons high-end attire.

Real Estate & Cars

Gerardo Ortiz lives in opulence and has made a good living off of his music profession. He has several homes in California, including a Los Angeles mansion that he paid $3.3 million for in 2017. In addition, Ortiz is renowned for his outstanding collection of high-end automobiles, which includes a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, and a Lamborghini Huracán.


In conclusion, Gerardo Ortiz is a gifted singer who has had a big impact on the music business. He ranks among the greatest regional Mexican artists of all time. He has had a number of successful albums released throughout his career, has received numerous honors, and is actively involved in charitable activities. Despite his fame, he maintains his integrity and uses music to uplift his listeners.


Q: What is Gerardo Ortiz’s net worth?

Answer: Gerardo Ortiz’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million.

Q: How many albums has Gerardo Ortiz released?

Answer: As of 2023, Gerardo Ortiz had 13 studio albums out.

Q: What is Gerardo Ortiz’s most popular song?

Answer: “Dámaso,” which has received more than 500 million YouTube views, is Gerardo Ortiz’s most well-known song.

Q: Is Gerardo Ortiz involved in any philanthropic work?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Gerardo Ortiz is actively interested in advancing social justice and human rights problems as well as helping children’s organizations.

Q: Is Gerardo Ortiz married?

Answer: Yes, Gerardo Ortiz is married to Kenia Ontiveros and the couple has two children together.

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