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David Diaz Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle, are the things that some people are curious to know, if you are one of them, You’ve reached the right place. In this article, we will explore David Diaz’s net worth, biography, career, lifestyle, and many other facts. Let’s elaborate on all the information in detail.

Former American professional boxer David Diaz is renowned for his unwavering commitment to his craft and great work ethic. Diaz began boxing at an early age and was able to make a lucrative career out of his love for the sport. He received many honors over his career and became well-known in the boxing community. We shall examine David Diaz’s life, work, and wealth in more detail in this article.

Info Details
Net Worth $15 million
Name David Rafael Diaz
Date of birth June 7, 1976
Age 46 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight Lightweight (135 lbs/61.2 kg)
Gender Male
Profession Former professional boxer
Nationality American

David Diaz Net Worth

The net worth of David Diaz is estimated to be $15 million. The majority of Diaz’s wealth came from his over ten-year, successful fighting career. Also, he appeared in a few films and TV shows. Due to Diaz’s numerous business endeavors, his net worth is anticipated to rise in the future.

Diaz competed 45 times in his professional boxing career, winning 36 of them. He was a two-time world champion in the sport of boxing and was recognized for his tenacity and determination. In 2008, when he took on one of the best boxers of all time, Manny Pacquiao, Diaz earned his largest payday. Diaz received $850,000 for his efforts despite losing the fight.

Besides acting and boxing, Diaz has also made appearances in many films and television programs, including The Fighter, a 2010 biographical sports drama movie. The film, which was based on the life of boxer Micky Ward, featured Diaz in the title role.

David Diaz Net Worth, Biography, Career & Lifestyle
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David Diaz’s Biography

On June 7, 1976, David Diaz was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. He was reared by his mother, who to support her family put in long shifts as a factory worker, in the city’s Humboldt Park district. Diaz was the youngest of four brothers and two sisters who totaled six children. Diaz lost his boxer father when he was only three years old.

At the Garfield Park Gym on the West Side of Chicago, Diaz started boxing when he was 16 years old. His older brother Rafael Diaz, a former professional boxer, trained him. His victory in the 1994 Chicago Golden Gloves competition marked the beginning of a fruitful boxing career.

David Diaz’s Career

The battles David Diaz had with Erik Morales, Manny Pacquiao, and Kendall Holt are what made him a former lightweight champion of the WBC. Let’s examine his career in more detail, including his standout victories and battles.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence

David Diaz started his professional boxing career on December 17, 1996, with a four-round unanimous decision victory over John Levi. He battled primarily in Illinois throughout the ensuing years, amassing victories and earning significant experience.

When Diaz competed against former world championship challenger Angel Manfredy in 2002, it was his first significant test. By winning the match by a unanimous decision, Diaz launched his ascent to fame.

WBC Lightweight Champion

For the vacant WBC lightweight championship on June 28, 2008, Diaz squared off against Mexican superstar Erik Morales. By unanimous decision, Diaz emerged as the new WBC lightweight champion.

Defending the Title

Ramon Montano was Diaz’s opponent in his first championship defense on November 22, 2008. The fight was won by Knockout in the ninth round thanks to Diaz’s dominance.

In a title defense on June 13, 2009, Diaz faced former IBF lightweight champion, Jesus Chavez. Two judges gave the bout to Diaz, and he was awarded a split decision victory.

Loss to Manny Pacquiao

Diaz and Manny Pacquiao fought for the WBC lightweight championship on June 28, 2008. Diaz was outmatched and fell victim to a ninth-round Knockout. Despite the outcome, Diaz was praised for his passion and tenacity in the face of a determined foe.

Later Fights and Retirement

After losing to Pacquiao, Diaz fought four more times, winning two and losing two. On March 5, 2011, he faced Hector Sanchez, and Diaz prevailed via unanimous decision.

With a professional record of 36 victories (17 by knockout), 5 losses, and 1 draw, Diaz announced his retirement from boxing in 2011.

Awards & Achievements

David Diaz received numerous honors and accolades during his career. The accolades and accomplishments of David Diaz will be discussed in this article.

  1. Lightweight World Boxing Championship Diaz defeated Jose Armando Santa Cruz in a hard-fought match to claim the lightweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in 2007. Given that WBC is one of the most esteemed boxing associations in the globe, this was a noteworthy accomplishment for Diaz.
  2. Lightweight Championship of the NABO In 2005, Diaz defeated Randy Suico to claim the lightweight title of the North American Boxing Organization (NABO). This victory helped Diaz’s career advance significantly by raising his profile within the boxing community.
  3. Boxing Hall of Fame of Illinois In honor of his excellent boxing career, Diaz was inducted into the Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame in 2018. For Diaz, this was a source of pride because it demonstrated that his contributions to boxing had been acknowledged and valued by his contemporaries.
  4. Battles of the Year Over his career, Diaz participated in many “Fight of the Year” contests, including his matchup with Manny Pacquiao in 2008. In this thrilling and action-packed contest, Diaz bravely competed against one of the greatest boxers of all time.
  5. Rankings from Ring Magazine One of the most esteemed boxing journals in the world, the famous Ring Magazine, routinely gave Diaz top rankings throughout his career. Diaz was ranked in the top 10 in their lightweight division rankings at various periods in his career.

Personal Life

David Diaz has participated in numerous civic and charitable endeavors in addition to his boxing career. The following information relates to his private life:

Childhood and Family

  • David Diaz was born to Mexican-American parents on June 7, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois.
  • He was raised in a working-class home and began boxing when he was 16 years old.
  • Diaz enjoys a tight relationship with his family, and he has expressed gratitude to his grandmother and mother for their support during his entire fighting career.

Personal Connections

  • Diaz is a married mother of two. He has, however, kept information about his family and personal life private.

Community Participation

  • Over his career, Diaz has participated in many charitable and community endeavors.
  • He has collaborated with groups like the American Cancer Society, the Salvation Army, and the Special Olympics.
  • Diaz has also spoken out against domestic abuse and supported anti-bullying efforts.

After Boxing: Retirement and Afterlife

  • With a professional boxing record of 36 wins, 5 losses, and 1 draw, Diaz announced his retirement in 2011.
  • Diaz prioritized his family and his involvement in the community after quitting boxing.
  • Also, he opened a boxing gym in his birthplace of Chicago to encourage kids to take up the sport and avoid problems.

Life Style

David Diaz was known for his exciting fighting style and his ability to take a punch. Here are some details about his lifestyle:

  1. Training Protocol Running, fighting, weight training, and other conditioning routines were all part of David Diaz’s strict training regimen. To prepare for his battles, he would often train for many hours each day.
  2. Nutrition and Diet Diaz adhered to a stringent diet and nutrition regimen to keep his fighting weight under control and to feed his body for exercise and competition. He would consume lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. He also shunned processed meals, alcoholic beverages, and alcohol.
  3. Interests and Hobbies David Diaz had a few interests and pastimes besides boxing that he enjoyed. He loved being on the sea and was an avid fisherman. He enjoyed watching movies and playing basketball, too.
  4. Work in charity Throughout his career, David Diaz participated in many philanthropic organizations and activities. He was renowned for his kindness and readiness to lend a hand. Diaz frequently gave his time and money to issues that he was enthusiastic about, such as youth initiatives and cancer research.
  5. Family David Diaz is married and the father of two kids. He is reputed to be a devoted husband and father who loves to spend time with his family. According to Diaz, his family has been his primary source of inspiration and support throughout his career.

Real Estate & Cars

Here are some details about David Diaz’s Real Estate and Cars.

Real Estate

David Diaz has not been publicly known for his real estate investments or property ownership.


David Diaz is a well-known auto aficionado who has been spotted driving some high-end vehicles throughout his career. Some of the cars he has been seen with include:

  1. Lamborghini Aventador: A high-end sports car that costs over $400,000.
  2. Range Rover: A luxury SUV that costs over $90,000.
  3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: A luxury sedan that costs over $100,000.
  4. Audi R8: A high-performance sports car that costs over $150,000.

But it’s unclear if Diaz actually owns these vehicles or if he’s just been spotted in them. Diaz hasn’t revealed anything about his personal finances or automobile collection in the media.


David Diaz was a successful boxer who won the WBC lightweight championship in 2006. With a record of 40 victories and 5 losses, he retired in 2013. Diaz is a reserved person who hasn’t revealed a lot about his private life.


What is David Diaz’s net worth?

David Diaz’s net worth is approximately $15 million.

How old is David Diaz?

David Diaz was born on June 7, 1976, thus in 2023 he will be 47 years old.

Who trained David Diaz?

David Diaz was trained by his older brother, Rafael Diaz.

How many times did David Diaz defend his WBC lightweight championship?

Before surrendering the WBC lightweight title to Manny Pacquiao in 2008, David Diaz successfully defended it twice.

When did David Diaz retire from boxing?

David Diaz retired from boxing in 2013.

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