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One of the most infamous and influential leaders in organized crime during the 20th century was the American gangster and criminal Bugsy Siegel. Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, on February 28, 1906, Siegel was a key player in the growth of the American Mafia. Also, Siegel was well-known for his connection in organized crime, opulent lifestyle, and dazzling appearance.

Info Details
Net Worth $100 Million (at the time of his death)
Name Benjamin Siegel (aka Bugsy Siegel)
Date of Birth February 28, 1906
Date of Death June 20, 1947
Age 41 years
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight N/A
Gender Male
Profession Mobster, Criminal
Nationality American

Bugsy Siegel Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Bugsy Siegel’s net worth was thought to be approximately $100 million, which was a sizable sum for a mobster in the 1940s. In order to amass his money, Siegel was well known for engaging in criminal pursuits like gambling, extortion, and bootlegging. He spent a lot of effort and money on the Flamingo Hotel and Casino project in Las Vegas. Despite its initial failure, the Flamingo Casino found prosperity following Siegel’s passing and eventually rose to become one of Las Vegas’ most recognizable hotels. According to rumors, Siegel’s investments in the casino sector were largely responsible for his wealth.

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Bugsy Siegel’s Biography

On February 28, 1906, Bugsy Siegel was born to Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in a rough area and rapidly got drawn into the criminal world. Small-time thefts and robberies were the beginning of Siegel’s criminal career, but he swiftly worked his way up and became one of the most feared and revered criminals in America.

Some of Siegel’s brothers were also criminals, and his family was deeply connected to organized crime. His younger brother, Harry, was a successful gangster who worked alongside his brother in Las Vegas, while his older brother, Moe, was a famed hitman.

When Siegel was a teenager, he joined a street gang and that is where his involvement in organized crime started. He advanced fast through the group’s ranks before joining the infamous Murder, Inc. gang. Siegel was well-known for having a strong temper and being willing to resort to violence when necessary. Over his tenure, he took part in a lot of killings and violent crimes.

Bugsy Siegel’s Education

The educational background of Bugsy Siegel is unknown. He is thought to have quit school at an early age and started a career in the criminal underground.

Meyer and Bugs Mob

Siegel was recruited by mobster Meyer Lansky to join the Jewish-American street gang the Bugs and Meyer Mob shortly after Prohibition began. The gang collaborated with Charles “Lucky” Luciano and his right-hand man Frank Costello in the early 1920s. The Bugs and Meyer Mob hired trained gunmen, provided bootleggers with stolen vehicles, facilitated illicit gambling activities, and conducted kills for several New York and New Jersey bootleg gangs. Ultimately, the gang was responsible for decimating or subjugating the majority of its competing Italian-American gangs.

Murder, Inc.

Following the Castellammarese War and the assassination of mob boss Salvatore Maranzano, Luciano established the Commission and the National Crime Syndicate, a Jewish-Italian criminal collaboration. Soon after, Siegel and Lansky dismantled the Bugs and Meyer Mob and assisted in the formation of Murder, Inc., the Syndicate’s enforcement arm. Murder, Inc. carried out a number of assaults between 1929 and 1941.

Siegel had just one conviction throughout his time with Murder, Inc.; he was imprisoned in Miami in early 1932 for gambling and vagrancy. Following this, Siegel became entangled in a bitter dispute with the Fabrizzo brothers, who had attempted to assassinate him for sending their boss, Waxey Gordon, to prison. Siegel retaliated by following them out and murdering them. He killed rival loan sharks Louis and Joseph Amberg in 1935 and helped in the assassination of Harry Greenberg in 1939, among other important crimes. Siegel was imprisoned for the latter offense until 1942 when he was exonerated owing to insufficient evidence.

Move to California

In the late 1930s, Siegel was transferred to California under the danger of retaliation from his adversaries. He promptly set to work organizing gambling rackets in Los Angeles, joining up with Jack Dragna and Mickey Cohen. Siegel used his earnings to assist establish a drug trade route from Mexico. He also took over many offshore casinos and a major prostitution ring.

Siegel raised his profile to the point that he was accepted into the elite echelons of Hollywood society. He was friends with Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Jean Harlow, as well as key studio officials like Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer. Siegel was well-known for borrowing loans from Hollywood stars and not repaying them.

Las Vegas

In his mid-40s, Siegel traveled to Las Vegas, where he spotted several gaming chances. He quickly took over the Flamingo Hotel from William R. Wilkerson, whom he forced to sell under penalty of death. As a result, the Flamingo was taken over by a syndicate. From the start, the business faced various challenges, including excessive construction noise, a faulty air conditioning system, complete luxury suites, and severe weather. The Flamingo had closed by early 1947. However, Siegel was given a second shot and was assigned to concentrate on improvements and favorable public relations. The Flamingo reopened a few months later and began making money.

Personal Life

Esta Krakower and Bugsy Siegel were wed from January 1929 until their divorce in 1946. Millicent and Barbara, the couple’s two daughters, were born. Actress Virginia Hill was one of a long list of girlfriends and lovers that Bugsy had, and he later convinced her to relocate to Las Vegas.

In addition to being a womanizer, Siegel was a strong drinker and smoker. He was well known for living a life of luxury, enjoying fast automobiles, and having a captivating personality.

Life Style

Bugsy Siegel was well-known for his lavish lifestyle and adoration of fine things. He had a bad reputation for gambling and frequently placed significant wagers on horse races and card games. He was also well known for his passion for fast automobiles and was frequently spotted in Los Angeles driving posh autos.

Siegel was well known for having costly tastes and frequently went to upscale dining establishments and nightclubs. He was well known for being quite the ladies’ man and was frequently spotted with several women at once.

Real Estate & Cars

Bugsy Siegel was known for his love for luxury and expensive possessions. He was one of the first criminals to see the potential in Las Vegas and was instrumental in the creation of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

He owned several properties in the Los Angeles area, including a mansion in Beverly Hills that was rumored to have a secret escape tunnel in case of a police raid.

Bugsy Siegel was also known for his love for fast cars and owned several expensive vehicles, including a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr and a 1940 LaSalle.


One of the founders of organized crime in the US was the legendary American criminal Bugsy Siegel. He engaged in a number of illegal enterprises, such as gambling, contract killing, and bootlegging. Also, he played a significant role in the development and administration of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

In 1947, Siegel was shot and killed in his Beverly Hills home, ending his life. While he was only 41 when he passed away, his influence and contributions to American organized crime continue to this day.


Q: What was Bugsy Siegel’s net worth at the time of his death?

A: Bugsy Siegel’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be around $100 million.

Q: How did Bugsy Siegel die?

A: Bugsy Siegel was assassinated in his Beverly Hills home on June 20, 1947.

Q: Was Bugsy Siegel involved in the creation of Las Vegas?

A: Yes, Bugsy Siegel was instrumental in the creation and management of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Q: Did Bugsy Siegel have any children?

A: Yes, Bugsy Siegel had two daughters with his first wife, Esta Krakower.

Q: Was Bugsy Siegel ever arrested?

A: Yes, Bugsy Siegel was arrested multiple times throughout his life for various criminal activities, including bootlegging and gambling.

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